Eureka, the company that has become a camping equipment icon, has been in business for nearly 100 years. During this time, they invested all they had into creating best camping tents and gear that are innovative and made from high-quality materials. As a customer of Eureka! you can expect nothing less. Because they have such excellent camping tent models, we are comparing two of their top-selling models in order to help you select the high-quality Family Camping Tents for your next camping adventure. The Eureka! Copper Canyon 10 camping tent and the Eureka! Tetragon 8 camping tent are both fantastic in their own ways, so here is a rundown on both to help you decide.

Copper Canyon 10 Camping Tents

The Copper Canyon 10 Camping Tent is great for small families. Its footprint is 10 feet x 10 feet and the model boasts vertical walls and a 7-foot high center to maximize living (and sleeping) space. The 4, large mesh windows which can be unzipped to increase airflow and ventilation then closed for privacy and during the occasional rainstorm for protection. The clear panel skylight is an exciting feature that lets campers stargaze during clear summer nights from the comfort of their own tent keeping away bugs and other annoyances. This weather-resistant tent also features brims over the front and rear windows to help protect from the elements. For extended trips, it also features a sweep-out point which facilitates housekeeping and a hanging gear-loft which supplies convenient storage and increase open living space within the tent. If your family is new to camping, this will make for the perfect first tent as it has a reputation not to disappoint. That's why I only choose Best Camping Tents for outdoor adventure.

Tetragon 8 Camping Tents

The Tetragon 8 Camping Tent is a more heavy-duty tent that makes a great option for families who regularly car camp or travel during more than one season rectangular dome shape tent comfortably sleeps four people with room to spare. The double-coated StormShield polyester fly and the polyester bathtub floor ensure that campers and their gear receive the best protection from wet or inclement weather. The two-pole, free-standing tent sets up and tears down in a matter of minutes since it is equipped with a durable shock-corded fiberglass frame, ring and pin attachments, and color coded webbing. No need for years of camping experience, this tent is perfect for idiot-proof assembly. The hooded fly, which allows the front and rear windows to remain open even during rain, is great for providing ventilation and airflow. Whether this is your first camping trip or your fortieth, you'll appreciate the features and the high standard of quality this tent model offers. Picking the best camping tents are very important to most people.